to explain how it feels

Colours collide in seemingly irresolvable contests. It is as if the colour itself possesses will and determination – even those that might appear to be initially subservient resist submission and gleefully jostle for parity. The spectacular frames are substantial so as to hold these chromatic frays within a field of contest. But of course, they are much more than that. Their tacit acknowledgement of the nature of presentation and of history painting itself imply that Nikolic’s works line up precociously to be part of this record.

Lavender arm wrestles green, deep blue intervenes…such is the tournament that exists between the colours Nikolic chooses. But for all the skirmishes, ultimately these are paintings about resolution – both as a function of courage but also of judgement. And whilst they avoid easy harmony they do finally aspire to a state of heightened equilibrium. These are paintings that challenge insincerity and false decorum, preferring a strident and sometimes bloshie effervescence but one that leads to gratification.

This is the 11th exhibition that Fox Jensen & Fox Jensen McCrory have made with Tomislav Nikolic and like each one that has gone before we remain delighted to be advocates for his thrilling work.