Elisabeth Vary’s paintings feel for all the world that they might spontaneously recompose and in doing so morph in shape, colour and relationship to the wall. There is a sense with the most angular and faceted objects Vary makes that what is available to us on the near side of the wall is perhaps just the tip of a geometry that extends well through the other side – a series of chromatic icebergs cut loose from the float.

Vary’s paintings, like Günter Umberg’s, have volume and mass, but Vary’s appears a more casual and less predetermined proposition. The paint is applied with a certain vigour and retains a sense of viscosity in its spill and run that asserts its fundamental nature as painted object.  Her art demands a level of activity on behalf of the viewer. The paintings cannot be perceived from just one angle, since they insist that the viewer move around them and approach them from several directions.

Born in Köln in 1940, Elisabeth now lives between Köln and Corberon, France. She has held positions as Chair of the University of Applied Science Köln, special field Art and Design and Chair at the Kunsthochoschule for Media. Köln.

In 1998-99 a large solo exhibition was presented at Galerie am Fishmarkt, Erfurt; Kunstverein Friedrichschafen, and at Von-der-Heydt Museum in Wuppertal.

For over a decade Elisbeth Vary was a Professor at the Kunsthochschule für Medien, in Köln.